butter & sugar generation

My mother is visiting us at the moment, which means our diets have changed considerably, along with our moods. Be warned.

My parents are of a generation that cooked with butter and sugar, and salt. Everything is doused in salt before cooking and sprinkled again which it hits the plate. And there’s a table set with salt that gets passed around laden with expectation. I can feel three splashings of the tasty crystals hitting my bloodstream. It feels good.

And butter. No meal exists without a sauce of some kind. Butter based. Don’t get me wrong – hollandaise sause is one of the highlights of my existence. However, it’s a highlight for the occassional weekend breakfast, not a staple.

And sugar. Sweet tea and biscuits. Mum’s been baking, which is really lovely of her. She was horrified at the lack of a cupboard of cake tins:

“What do you give visitors?” she asked.

“Alcohol mum,” I said. “It’s similar to sugar.”

She went out and bought me some  cake tins yesterday and cleared a cupboard for them. She needed something to put the results of two days baking into. So now I have a cupboard stacked with tins of sugar moulded into new forms of temptation.

I weighed myself yesterday. In a week my mother has gifted me a kilo in bodyweight. I fall asleep on the couch watching McLeod’s Daughters (my first time) and wake up groggy and angry.

I will miss her when she leaves. When the sugar tins empty, my husband will miss her too.


About Louise

Melbourne based journalist/interactive producer who loves to cook .. and eat.
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2 Responses to butter & sugar generation

  1. Nicola Humphries says:

    Hi had to have a laugh at this one. What a great website now that I’ve finally had a look. Not long now! Already sorted out what I would like! Hope you had a nice weekend away with Bec and Dave.

    • Louise says:

      Thanks honey … lovely to see you here.
      Really looking forward to your party next week, especially having Mum there to see what I’m doing. Mum was in a panic about it on the phone today. She thought she’d make some muffins to bring. I explained that her making muffins defeated the purpose of me making them fresh to show off the lovely silicon baking products.

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