french lessons – justin north

I’ve been away awhile. Still cooking, but when my son starting eating solids at the beginning of the year most of my creations were pureed and looked the same going in as they did coming out. Perhaps they are worthy of mention, and I will one day, but they certainly aren’t worthy of photographing.

I’ve started working again, from home, for a fantastic new wine, food and travel site that is launching in the next few weeks. The coolest thing about my new gig is that I get to review cookbooks. Oh heaven, there you are!

So Justin North’s French Lessons turned up in my mailbox a few days ago. Justin is chef/owner of Becasse restaurant in Sydney and is first book, called Becasse, was an exploration of regional foods and producers in Australia.

His new book really is a beginners guide and is set up in a series of lessons: flavourings, stocks, soups, preserving, confits, roasting, sorbets, gelatine, breads and the cheese course. A great companion for someone learning about French food.

Images are great, the recipes are easy and there’s information on cooking times to accompany each, so you know straight away if you’re attempting an all day extravaganza or a simple miracle.

Now, what shall I cook first….


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Melbourne based journalist/interactive producer who loves to cook .. and eat.
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