vue de monde

It’s been a few weeks since we dined at Vue de monde in Melbourne but I’m still having flavour flashbacks.

I wish I’d taken photos of each dish, but I was shy and distracted. I am a bad blogger. The couple at the table next to us were furiously snapping away and reminded me of tour buses in New Zealand where the tourist see the country through the lens of their video camera and don’t take the time to taste, touch and smell everything around them.

However, in a very nice twist, Vue de monde emailed me our menu – created especially for us from a selection of about 160 tiny and beautiful dishes.

So I share:

AMUSE BOUCHE – Scallop Osso with Angelica velouté

‘KINGFISH’ À la sauce xo – Kingfish, marinated in XO sauce with apple, avocado and wasabi purée (loved the puree. must try it at home.)

RISOTTO AUX TRUFFES – Classically inspired truffle risotto

GNOCCHI AUX CHAMPIGNONS – Liquid cep gnocchi with mushrooms and herb beurre blanc

TERRINE DE FOIE GRAS – Terrine of ox, foie gras and Puy lentils with Pedro Ximenez jelly and eight spice powder (yes, I know what they do to the ducks, but oh god it tastes good.)

TRUITE MARINÉE AU GINGEMBRE – Coral trout marinated in ginger and miso with spring onion, parsley purée, mandarin and spices (the highlight – absolutely brimming with flavour. hello sous vide.)

JUS AU VERJUS – Liquid verjus at – 8°C

AGNEAU RÔTI ET RIS D’agneau – Poached loin and rillette of lamb with caramelised sweetbread and Pedro Ximenez reduction (we used to walk miles to a little fried chicken shop at home that did crumbed sweetbreads. they were awesome, but shannon’s are better.)

SALaDE DE FRUITS – Fruit Salad (hubby is still raving about the frozen golden kiwi submerged in peppermint gel that sat atop this little gem.)

OEUFS DE POULES – Prune and Armagnac eggnog, pistachio custard, Grand-Marnier mousse, served in an egg carton (so cute, so funny. vue de monde’s birdie to financial miserables.)

TARTARE DE FRAISE  ET CHOCOLAT BLANC CHAUD – Tartare of strawberry with white chocolate and mascarpone mousse, finished with basil oil (when they poured the basil oil on the white chocolate ‘lid’ disintegrated. strawberries, basil, oil, biscuit crumbs … such a divine combination. must try this at home.)

2007 Domaine Vacheron Sancerre  Loire Valley, France
2008 Curly Flat Pinot Grigio  Macedon Ranges, Victoria

Thank you beautiful husband for the birthday present a foodie could wish for.

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5 Responses to vue de monde

  1. Ruby Anne says:


    I visited your site and found it very interesting. I appreciate the way you talk about food and do the reviews on restaurants. With this, I’d like to give a $10 discount voucher to your site which your visitors could use in their take-away orders placed on our website (from 500+ restaurants Australia-wide). All they have to do is just type the voucher code (which I will provide you upon response to this message) at the check out.

    Ruby Anne

  2. thethoughtherder says:

    That menu sounds outstanding, if I was in Melbourne and not Western Candada I’d follow up the read with a visit.

  3. Josie Campese says:

    HI Louise
    Just looking through your blog and found your review on Vue De Monde. I keep hearing great things about it. What a great gift from your lovely husband.
    Elle, our Chefs Toolbox leader has kindly just invited all her leaders to a special dinner there so really looking forward to it.
    lots of great info on your blog

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