mash or slice? scrunch or fold?

Do you mash or slice your banana on toast? I mash, which is quite confounding because mashed banana generally makes me cringe. I can’t cope with mashed banana squished in little hands or rubbed onto little faces. There was a party once where we played games (ouch) and one involved someone kneeling behind a seated person and providing the arms in a race to peel and eat a banana. I didn’t like it.

But mashed banana on toast is my favourite breakfast and one that I eat quickly with my back turned to my three year old so he won’t steal it all.  Both my boys seem to like to mush up their bananas too, but I don’t think mash or slice is a hereditary thing – my mum slices. She’s that sort of person.

Found this youtube documentary about scrunching and folding – for the record, I also scrunch.


About Louise

Melbourne based journalist/interactive producer who loves to cook .. and eat.
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One Response to mash or slice? scrunch or fold?

  1. Juanita says:

    Hi Louise
    I made Nigella’s pea risotto last night – yummy!!! A lovely idea to accompany steak! Just a small comment – you don’t mention when to add the wine. I guess it should go in after you put the rice in – before the stock?
    Thanks and look forward to making some of your other dishes!!

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