simple salmon

simple salmon parcel recipe

Jamie Oliver put me onto the idea of wrapping a whole meal up in baking paper and tinfoil and baking it. He does bags of all sorts of things, but I’ve had most success with bags of salmon.

I’ve been getting a lot of salmon from Aussie Farmers Direct. They deliver to the door and the fish is great – fresh, good portion sizes and direct from Tasmanian farmers. I like it, especially when it comes out of the oven like this. Nicely wrapped with a layer of baking paper and an outside of foil, I just steam some vegetables, open the parcel and put the whole thing on the place. The best thing is you can just wrap it up at the end and chuck it in the bin. Minimal dishes!


about 100-150g piece of salmon per person
desire potatoes – very thinly sliced
fennel – again, very thinly sliced
lemon – juice and grated rind
salt and pepper

Prepare your “bags” first by laying out a big square of tinfoil and covering it with a square of baking paper – one for each piece of salmon. Layer the finely sliced potato in a strip down the middle of each square (don’t pile them too thick or they won’t cook). Lay your salmon piece on top of the potato and squeeze over lemon juice and sprinkle grated rind. Add two or three knobs of butter to all your bags, then salt and pepper and wrap it up.

The easiest way to wrap, and then unwrap without spilling everything, is to bring to opposite edges together and fold them together to make a little tent. Then squash each end of your tent down and roll up the ends. The  height and air left into your little tent bag helps steam the fish and all the liquids pool in the base, cooking your potatoes and making a yummy lemony buttery sauce. To check doneness just open the top of your tent a little and peer inside – the rolled ends stop everything from running away.

Then bake – 180 celsius for 15 – 20 mins, depending on how well done you like your fish.

Serve with steamed greens – love broccolini and snow peas

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  2. Tia G says:

    I learned of this technique in Girl Scouts. Showed my Mom and she started doing bags, too.!

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